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Dental Fees
  GENERAL DENTISTRY (see comments *,**,***)     FEE  
  New Patient Examination     £60  
  Comprehensive/Specialist Examination     £150  
  Recall Examination     £40  
  Same day/ Emergency examination     £60  
  Digital X-rays (per X-ray)     £10  
  Hygiene Session     £75  
  Cosmetic Hygiene Session     £125  
  White Fillings from   £105  
  Root Canal Therapy from   £395  
  Post & Core from   £250  
  Inlays/Onlays from   £650/unit  
  Crowns     £650/unit  
  Composite Veneers from   £350/unit  
  Porcelain Veneers from   £695/unit  
  Bridgework (per unit) from   £750/unit  
  Enlighten Whitening from   £550  
  Zoom Whitening In-surgery from   £500  
  Combination (In Surgery Whitening+ Home Kit) from   £500  
  Simple Extraction from   £125  
  Difficult Extraction(non-surgical) from   £195  
  Acrylic Denture from from   £600  
  Flexible Denture from   £950  
  Chrome Denture from   £1,100  
  Specialised Occlusal Splint from   £355  
  Sportsguard from   £65  
  Specialist Periodontics & Oral Surgery Fees        
  Specialist Consultation (Perio/Oral Surgery/Implant)     £150  
  Full Mouth Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy from   £1,000  
  Implants incl Crown
Cases are treatment planned and costed on an individual basis. To include all prosthetic and laboratory fees. Excluding any necessary CT scan & Bone Augmentation
from   £2,200  
  Gingival Grafting for Recession.
To include TWO post operative reviews
from   £750  
  Periodontal Crown lengthening Surgery.
To include TWO post operative reviews
from   £800  
  Surgical Extraction from   £295  
  Periodontal Surgery
To include TWO post operative reviews
from   £900  
  Periodontal Maintenance Therapy
(We recommend Three monthly hygiene maintenance for all medium to high risk periodontal patients and all smokers. More frequent maintenance is recommended for the first 6 months after any surgical procedure)
from   £175/

Here at Shape Dental Clinic, our philosophy is that budget should never be a barrier to healthy and attractive teeth. Our dedicated team are what make us a conscientious practice.

We keep our quality exceptionally high and our prices are very competitive in London.

*This is not a complete list of procedures available. An exact cost can only be determined after examination by one of our dentists. Prices outlined may vary and prices are subject to change.
**Once consulted by your dentist and before the treatment begins, you will be given a written Treatment Plan detailing all costs involved.

Any questions you may have with respect to dental treatment proposed will be answered. No treatment will commence unless you are completely satisfied with all procedures involved and have all questions answered.

We are a modern and fully digitalised dental practice. We therefore, have all the necessary tools available to give you a comprehensive understanding of your mouth.
***We ask that payments for each appointment be settled at that time. This allows you to budget the cost as you progress through the treatment cycle and prevents big bills accumulating

Soon you´ll be able to pay online also using Paypal and Google checkout. ●●●
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