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Periodontics - For Patients

Our practice is committed to the prevention and management of periodontal problems and wherever possible, the preservation of your teeth. With effective preventative techniques, modern periodontal procedures and your co-operation, we will help you achieve this goal.

Patient Information

In order to facilitate your treatment we request that you would bring any recent radiographs (x-rays) that you may have. This will enable us to assess your condition in more detail.

If treatment is required we will use these radiographs as a reference. If you do not have any radiographs we can arrange to take these for you. Your dentist may provide you with a referral letter. The referral letter may be sent to us or given to you to bring with you to your appointment.

Dr Pasha will work closely with your dentist however a referral is not required in order for you to visit our Dental Clinic. You may call us direct and would be welcomed by our experienced staff that will help you schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your periodontal problems or dental concern.

Please phone 0207 624 24 34.

Initial Consultation

During this appointment Dr Pasha will do a complete and comprehensive examination and assessment of your periodontal status. This will include measuring your probing depths and to assess your overall gum health. You may wish to discuss possible teeth replacement (implants). This initial consultation will last usually one hour.

Dr Pasha will discuss any health issues or concerns you may have regarding your treatment. If you are a nervous patient Dr Pasha can discuss some possible options we have to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed whilst you undergo treatment.

Dr Pasha will also discuss your proposed treatment plan and describe your procedure in full. You will always be provided with a costing of all treatment prior to commencement.

Once your treatment is complete, we like to check you on regular basis in order to maintain your periodontal health and address any issues that may arise. ●●●

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